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Aswar Al Binaa has provided our clients with effective construction based on our wealth of experience in building.

Aswar Al Binaa is well adept in all genres of construction from base building and commercial renovation to full scope tenant fit-out. Our professional capabilities encompass extensive multi-disciplinary work in mixed use developments, civil infrastructures improvements, public work facilities and commercial building construction.


All Aswar Al Binaa projects are carried out with a commitment to maintaining excellence, delivering the highest quality of design and build on time, safely and within budget.

Aswar Al Binaa had, has and continues to build a wide-range of construction projects within Iraq. As the prime contractor for significant commercial and governmental projects, Aswar Al Binaa delivers outstanding value and yet still maintains best-in-class.

Projects range from small purpose-built camps to the world’s largest residential cities, warehouses, logistical headquarters and bespoke military facilities. Our extensive portfolio of completed and ongoing projects


• Demolition, earthworks & infrastructure

• Housing Complexes

• Recreation Facilities

• Retail Buildings

• Roads & Bridges

• Runways, Aprons & Hardstands

• Warehouses & Hangars

• Water & Electrical Systems

Aswar Al Binaa workforce of experienced architects, civil engineers and skilled tradesmen has the tools and equipment necessary to design, manage and construct all types of facilities and structures.

Workers are also provided with additional training and performance enhancement to ensure the highest quality results. All associated project responsibilities are provided by our skilled workforce. These include excavation, benching, primary finishing, ventilation and electrical work, placement and assembly. Our in-house design and construction expertise enables us to view each unique project with far greater insight than a typical services contractor, ensuring the right people, equipment, tools, consumables and plans are in place to meet and exceed the highest of international safety and quality practices. Aswar Al Binaa is committed to the pursuit of excellence in all construction projects, despite the challenges of working in Iraq.

We take care to meet all health and safety requirements and aim for a “Goal Zero” target interms of safety and sustainability levels for all projects undertaken. Work is carried out to strict schedules and the needs of the client prioritised at all times.