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Building & Operations & Maintenance & Repair Works

Our dedicated team continue to provide the highest level of Operations

and Maintenance support.

Aswar Al Binaa recognise that the efficient running of our client’s businesses relies on timely and well thought out maintenance and servicing of all equipment and facilities. Our

aim is to ensure that all operations continue to run at full capacity at all times and to operate preventative maintenance designed to prevent breakdowns and machinery downtime.

Aswar Al Binaa operate year round maintenance services for all critical and non-critical internal and external maintenance requirements. As part of our commitment to our clients

we provide maintenance and repairs for all units, buildings, vehicles and facilities installed

and operated by us.


• Generators

• Chillers and air conditioning Units

• HVAC Equipment

• Sewage and waste water treatment plants

• Low, medium and high voltage electrical equipment

• Facilities management

• Pools, gyms and recreational amenities

• Pest control

• Refuge collections

• Roads and grounds

• Gardening & Landscaping

• Plumbing, carpentry, painting and decorating

Aswar Al Binaa staff are all fully trained, experienced and qualified in

the relevant areas of operational and maintenance expertise.

All team members are HSE Certified and we operate and utilise the

latest technology such as CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) to ensure we can both control and deliver the highest quality of maintenance for our clients.

We provide both scheduled maintenance and unscheduled emergency repairs as required, with the express intention of avoiding down time for our clients and their staff. All work is carried out in a timely fashion by qualified and professional trades people all with relevant knowledge and training.

Aswar Al Binaa have and continue to work with large multi national

commercial, oil and gas and military organisations and our reputation for quality is well-known in the industry.